Samstag, 8. Dezember 2012

Washing Clothes

What a waste of water. I could call them for laundry service, but I actually wanna do it myself. This is the first bathtub full of clothes. I need to rinse them, fill up a second one and rinse them again. Right now they're not really clean yet... so by expecting them to be clean, I would disappoint myself. Doing laundry brings up weird thoughts... They all need to be rinsed twice, two bathtubs, two times the detergent. They're not clean yet. So why would I even want them to be clean right now? Am I tired? A little. Do I hate doing it? Well, no. So why would I get mad, if these clothes in front of me are not clean right now?

I'm filling up the second bathtub. I rinsed them. They're cleaner than they were before, so I guess that's good. Maybe it's all based on patience. Maybe I need to relax. Two guys doing laundry: One of them is peaceful and calm, the other one impatient and angry. They both end up with a bunch of clean clothes at the end, but the first guy spent his time being happy. Maybe that's how it should be.

I gotta go, the second bathtub is almost full.


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