Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Day 10: The Cockroach

It seems that about two weeks ago a cockroach died In the vent of my bathroom ceiling. Now I watch it disintegrate day by day, piece by piece. On day 1 I was greeted by a cockroach leg, on day 3 a couple of feelers fell through and on the morning of day 9 it's wings came down. I can't really open up the vent and clean it out and it's not such a huge deal to me, so I don't want to annoy the cleaning lady with it. To me it's more of a memento mori each morning, that tells me: "You're just the sum of your parts..."

But even though I find this whole situation tremendously gross sometimes, I can't help but think that the insect itself must have been beautiful. It's so strange that some animals and insects simply count as unsanitary so it's OK to kill it instead of putting it underneath a glass and getting it outside. So I just kept doing my laundry in the sink, while checking the ceiling vent from time to time. I wonder which parts will come down next ... this is in deed really disgusting ...


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