Donnerstag, 23. Januar 2014

Day 11-12

The wolf's eyes ... so cold and deep. It's very hard to describe the feeling I got from looking into his eyes ... a creature two times stronger than me... Even though he seemed to like me, it was a very strange moment. I took my cup of coffee back to the kitchen. I had been in the studio with Max for about an hour and his mindset and ideas just blew me away. We had talked about music history and philosophy in his garden, while his wolf was lying to my feet and enjoying the afternoon sun.

They call me the "Trackdoctor" on now, because I keep giving way too detailed feedback to some users, that have some trouble with production or technical difficulties. I love the job because it is very serene and with time, your pile of "songs-that-are-too-beautiful-to-just-leave-behind'' gets bigger and bigger. I have an amazing playlist of beautiful songs and great songwriters now, that I listen to every morning on my way to work and in the evening hours, when I'm back at the motel.

Today is another balcony meeting, I'm curious about what bands are gonna show up. The sun keeps burning down on LA and there's no sign of rain or even a single cloud for that matter.


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