Dienstag, 28. Januar 2014

Day 16-17

I had what they call here a "jacuzzi and coffee". The thing about the slightly richer LA apartments is, that most of them have a pool and a warm jacuzzi in the courtyard. It seems to be a pretty basic thing around here and so Cindi and I met with Anthony, a great sound engineer who's working on several orchestral recordings and mixes for Max. We talked for over an hour, while I enjoyed every second in the pool.

Sunday night I stayed at Julius' house to watch the Grammy ceremony. Daft Punk blew me away. These guys were my age when they first released "Homework", a platinum album that sold more than 2.000.000 copies internationally. Talk about intimidating... I always check out the bio of artists that fascinate me. I check out their age, what they did when they were my age, when they first got into the business, when they won their first award ... one thing I noticed across the board is this: Everyone of them has a hole in their bio. Sometimes it's 4 years, sometimes even 6 years. It's a time where nothing happened or nothing good happened. They all had to work through something, and they did it and later got back to what they loved doing.

Yesterday I met the director Tanner Boyajian for lunch. I had been working with him on multiple projects for several years but the last time I saw him was over 6 years ago. I opened the door to leave my motel room. Suddenly I found myself staring into the face of a DP (Director of Photography) and 20 crew members, shooting a scene right in front of my room... when people say, that the film industry in LA is right in front of your door, they are right.


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