Dienstag, 21. Januar 2014

Day 9: Will Rogers/ Santa Monica Beach

On Sunday I went to Will Rogers National Park with Julius' daughter and her friend. When you're hiking along the hills everything becomes very serene, very quiet... which is a huge contrast to the rest of LA. And every time we reached the top of one of those hills, I tried to suppress this dumb reflex of taking my android and shooting pictures. But it's hard to resist sometimes. Especially when you can see as far as downtown LA and even further than that. The first sign we saw warned us of "Mountain Lions" ... but it felt very busy that day. Groups of people and families were everywhere, but I think that the lions probably show up on a less crowded day from time to time.

The dusty road and the heat ... after a couple of hours we just went to Santa Monica Beach and lied down near the ocean. I guess I could've stayed there for hours without ever feeling any desire to get back to the motel. But the water was way to cold to swim.

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