Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

LA Day 1-3

I arrived at LA international airport after a very strange david-lynch-esque flight. Maybe it was the fact that I had stayed up the entire night before, in the hope of compensating my jetlag as soon as I would arrive, but I kept falling asleep and dreaming of blue velvet curtains and a strange flight attendant with blue eyes.

A Russian cab driver took my luggage and we entered the LA highway during rush hour, which was an experience by itself. 10 lanes - and all 10 lanes were jammed. I kept looking out the window checking out the other drivers: Tattooed, tanned, muscle-packed guys sitting in large family vehicles, young 18-year old high-school girls with insanely expensive sports cars, and a sheer endless amount of Land Rovers. The LA sun seemed to be burning down relentlessly on the city and it made me wonder for the first time what it would be like to live in a city where the sun is shining 365 days a year.

The motel was everything I had hoped for, but after 18 hours of travel it was absolutely possible to meet my expectations: A bed, a shower, a toilet, a fridge, a microwave. That already included two items that you wouldn't usually get at any other motel. I went to the office, got my keys from a Hispanic looking lady and went inside. I closed the curtains and I slept, like I never slept before.

When I woke up I wanted to check my email, but my laptop turned out to be fried. It might have happened during one of the wonderful security checks on the way. This was kind of a meltdown for me, because I needed it to work for Julius and to get the song approvals done for the database. I checked my android for computer stores in the area and went outside to look for them. I passed a couple of brothels and crack-houses on the way. The stores turned out to be closed, but while walking around I noticed the distinct smell of marijuana and fruit everywhere I went. Studio city has a very special atmosphere.

The laptop arrived on Monday and by then my day night rhythm was completely off. Around 14:00 pm I met Julius for the first time. We had coffee, a great talk and after a short while I got to work on the first song approvals for the site.

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