Mittwoch, 15. Januar 2014

LA Day 4

I woke up around 5 am in the morning and decided to have my breakfast delivered by one of the cafes in the area. Two blueberry muffins and an egg-cheese sandwich later I went on my way to work. I was tired but content, because the first day at work meant that I would soon get my daily routine and sleep rhythm back. All the houses on the way... all the apartment listings... some of them looked so unbelievable beautiful, but you could tell just by looking at them how expensive they must be.

Walking through studio city as an intern is just strange. Everybody has a direction, a place to be, people to meet... They have a certain drive, a purpose, a goal. Even the occasional car chase on Ventura Boulevard seems to be nothing special for the people around here. They're relaxed, yet determined and confident.

At Julius' place I worked on more than 100 song approvals and two pitches for broadcasting series that day. It's a comfortable and enjoyable place to work, but nonetheless tough, because the approvals can be a bitch at times. I wanted to meet a couple of directors while I'm here, but they are out of town for a week so it'll be a while.


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