Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

LA Day 5

I decided to take a different route to work each morning. This way I was able to look around the neighborhood a little and check out how people had been living around studio city. Every house looked different: Different color, different roof, different windows, different doors, but one thing always stayed the same: The clean cut lawn in front of each house.

The day was tough, and we got a lot of pitches and approvals done. Around sunset we went up Mulholland Drive and watched the sun set across the LA valley. I left my phone at the house so I couldn't take pictures, but I was glad I didn't. It seems like everybody always takes pictures of everything, just to store the memory on a chip and it immediately frees them up to forget it and go on to the next thing. I just stood there and watched how the city lights slowly started to blink, one by one, as it got a little darker and a little colder. I saw Santa Monica and the ocean, saw a plane take off at LA international airport and watched the smog over the LA valley turn the sky violet, pink and green.


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