Freitag, 17. Januar 2014

LA Day 6

I got home from work last night and I felt a little empty. The job itself is great, but all day long I heard literally hundreds of songs, while approving and pitching and then I got home and it was silent. That felt very strange, not bad at all, but also not like a tremendous relief. I used to come home from the ArtEZ and put on music that fit my mood very well, almost immediately after I entered my room. The first thing I do here: I pull back the sheets from the carefully made bed, and create a nest-like chaos that makes it much easier to relax in. Then I order ethnic food from one of the places nearby (there are thousands, each one better than the last) and enjoy the evening.

At night the traffic slows down and besides the occasional police siren it's pretty quiet outside. Only the air conditioner wakes me up at night from time to time. There's so much stuff that I wanted to do, but I need one day a week to get my energy back, do laundry and just let everything sink in. I totally get why only a couple of students decide to go for internships in a foreign country, but it gives you a bunch of pretty amazing memories that will never let you go.

I kept reading about Orpheus and Rilke's poems last night. Every Greek hero had a different technique to get around Cerberus, but all Orpheus did was just to play a little music. Cerberus fell asleep and the three-headed guard hound from hell turned into a sweet puppy dog. Rilke's poems are amazing and beautiful. He describes Tartarus as a place similar to the overworld, with fields and meadows, valleys and rivers, but they are grey and without life. Everything is surrounded by beautiful white vales symbolizing the lost souls that travel through Tartarus, flying around Orpheus as he makes his way to the surface.

It's almost 9:30, I should take a shower and go to work.


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