Sonntag, 19. Januar 2014

LA Day 8: Balcony TV & Kye Kye

I helped out Cindi at the Balcony TV shooting yesterday. You can check out their stuff on . The main idea is to record, interview and shoot a band on an LA balcony. The bands were great and I never had a higher admiration for a sound engineer: Taylor Nelson is a genius. Getting a decent sound on all these tight locations with so little space to work with is just insane and he does it casually without any problems whatsoever.

I heard "Kye Kye" for the very first time in my life on the balcony as well. They blew me away. We checked out one of their LIVE shows at the El Rey later that night and it was just insane. The Live sound in LA is of an amazing quality. You feel every hit in your body, every snare beat, every vocal line eats its way through your veins.

Later that night El Cid was on our list. A great underground pub with awesome music. Same story: Sound was amazing. What else is there to say?

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