Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Day 22: The Gaffer

I just wanted to stand there, eat cookies and drink my coke. The view from E.G.'s balcony was just amazing and the city lights in the dark had something hypnotic about them. But they needed me in the yard to shoot the mud-man scene... well, Mike needed me, the light technician. When we started shooting in the afternoon I had no idea what I was doing. Mike would ask me to get him a "feeder", "set down some juice" and get him a "stinger" for later. I just stood there confused and lost. Sometimes I asked, sometimes I guessed, and therefore ended up bringing him random cables, that were in the vicinity of where he pointed. Mike was amazing though and his patience had no end. He showed me everything and never got pissed at anything.

The coyote's started howling at around 23:00 pm and since we were shooting a horror film, they contributed a lot to the atmosphere. But I was exhausted ... I couldn't imagine the amount of work that Mike's team had to go through every day ... I always ate some cookies and energy bars during the shoots, but whenever a scene was done, we had to get back to work immediately. Lugging around sandbags for the lighting stands, getting the lighting stands in- and back outside again... setting up screens, making sure that every single stand had rubber balls on its feet so they wouldn't scratch up the floors...

After the "mud-man" had arrived (the primary antagonist of the movie), we shot the last scenes in the backyard and near the pool. It turned out to be a pretty insane experience ... but I guess that's what "hands-on" means. You just get an inside experience that eventually ends up changing your way of thinking and flow of work.


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