Montag, 3. Februar 2014

Day 23: Justin's

I spent the day with Justin, a genius director. We had worked on "Warriors of Aztlan" and "Seedlings" together and I just wanted to catch up with him and see how he's doing. He amazed me ... not only is he a decent person, but he built a life in LA, that I can only dream of: He's living in a house with his girlfriend, like-minded intelligent friends, two amazing, loving dogs and multiple gaming consoles in the living room. They turned their house into a dream-like oasis, where they are just free and happy.

I think, that there's always a trade-off in life: If you want to be excellent at what you do, you need to really get down, face failure, realize that all the stuff you are doing right now probably sucks and constantly evolve throughout your lifetime. You get skill and experience in return, but you have to give up comfort, pride and safety to achieve it. But do you have to give up being happy? I gave up my apartment in the Netherlands to do all this and so far it's been worth it... but it leaves a nasty aftertaste too, when you're sitting in your motel room and just fantasize about what kind of place you'll get, when you come back.... knowing fully well that it's going to be a long, long, long, time until you'll sleep in your very own bed again. And even then, you'll need to get a very, very, very cheap place to survive so that maybe in a year from now you'll be able to make a living from it.

And then again Justin's life has become a vision for me now: "Hey man, that's what life could be like for you in a couple of years." A good place is the foundation of the material that you create, and Justin's stuff has always been amazing. So I should really check out, where I want to live later on.


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