Freitag, 7. Februar 2014

Day 26 - 28: Work

The last couple of days were pretty tough, since I've been mostly at work doing song approvals and pitches. The more songs I approve the more I'm mystified by some composers and their uploads:

Here's what I don't get:

- Why would you upload the same track in 10 different lengths? If they choose it and want a shorter version they will call you! I get a 60s and a 30s version for commercials, but 90s, 120s and 150s?? I even saw 70s! And then on top of that they just fade it out... not even a cross-fade ... this defeats the whole purpose of making multiple versions!
- Why would you upload a track and then make it practically un-findable by not filling in the data?
- Why would you upload hundreds upon hundreds of tracks in one style, while some of them have great quality and other very low quality? You obviously dug up stuff that you wrote YEARS AGO, just to get as much up there as possible!
-Why would you add more than 67 Vibes to your song?! It must have taken you at least 30 minutes to write them all down and tag your song, and then I'll have to remove them anyway during the approval...

I have so much respect for Julius and Cindi, since they have been doing this a lot longer than I have. So I always say things like: "We should have an upload limit! We should have this and that...." but ultimately they are right. If you want a database with the highest quality, then you'll need to stay open for the mediocre and crazy stuff as well. Even if the data and the tags are wrong, even if somebody cuts up his techno track into a chaotic mess and then says it sounds like "Aphex Twin". And you can't just add a tag called "NO IT DOESN'T". But sometime I would love to.


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