Montag, 17. Februar 2014

Day 37-38: @.@

So these last two days I was at the balcony TV anniversary party, met with a composer, another director and spent 12 hours on a film set in Chatsworth. It's too much to comprehend, too much to write about it. I talked to so many people and had so many great conversations... so I spent my Monday in bed and the only thing I did today was order food. But here's what I have learned from everyone I've talked to these last couple of days:

- The music industry is like the early Wild West. Everything goes and you're completely on your own.
- If you ever make money, invest it. Resist the urge to buy a car, rent a mansion and go out to dinner every night of the week. It doesn't matter how much you make, one day it's gone, and the way down is less fun than the way up.
- The only thing that matters is that you stick with your passion, independently from all other circumstances.
- Happiness is independent from money, status, age or girlfriend. The mindset matters: If you strive for more, you will always want more. If you are generally satisfied, you will in general be satisfied.
- The quality of your work will only rise over time if you challenge yourself repeatedly. Leave your comfort zone, face your fears.

- Always be honest, always be straight with people. Support the positive in them, accept the negative.
- Have the courage to fail. This is a cliche and widely misunderstood. It means: "I know that I am human, that I will die and that I will either lose my health or my mind and I'm ready to deal with that, without lying, cheating, bitching or crying around."
- Mistrust confidence, trust in actions. Observe everyone around you closely. Details matter.


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