Mittwoch, 19. Februar 2014

Day 39-40: Last Night

That moment in a movie, right towards the end ... where the plot takes a turn, that makes no sense whatsoever... and then suddenly the credits start rolling and you're left to wonder ... "What was that?"

The end of a trip should have a clear emotion right? Either you are really looking forward to getting back home soon again, or you're really sad about leaving. But I'm just sitting here, thinking ..."?" There's no brilliant lesson, there's no thought that sticks out, there's no idea behind all of this. There's just a motel room and a bunch of annoying emails. And my passport. And my ticket.

FYI: I started to see really pissed off emails in a different light now. It's like the person on the other end is communicating: "Don't stay in contact with me, I will screw you over, and treat you like shit." When you see it this way it's almost a friendly warning. How nice of this person to let me know that I should keep my distance and stay far, far, far away.

Big shadows underneath my eyes, because I couldn't sleep again. Weird taste in my mouth from the salad dressing of the food I ordered in ... and just a minute ago two kids were playing and screaming outside of my room, but now there's silence. While the air conditioning drowns everything in a white noise, I try to stay awake so that I can Skype with my family before I take off. They're still asleep, because it's 6:00 am in Germany.

I wish I could come back with a trophy of some sort, a physical sign that shows: "Yea, this guy has been there and done all that. Look he's got this shiny, golden, thing to prove it!" ... maybe I should dismantle the weird doorknob in the bathroom... I've been suspecting a hidden camera inside of it anyway (Why is there a hole in front of it??? It makes no sense!) After all it looks a little shiny and it's an awesome trophy... but then again it would probably cause me trouble at the airport. And the motel owner would bitch about it too.

Maybe I'll sleep in the plane.


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